• Gentophile


    Generative Stars on Cardano universe

Phase 2

Gentophiles Are Moving!


Which galaxy is

your ideal home?

4.5 billion years ago a single drop of color dripped from the brush of a painter and this drop gives 10 million colors to earth, 177 colors of them found out that they belong somewhere beyond the milky way’s border and decided to send a group of 10000 generative arts to look for this colors real home. when these colors went outside of the Milkyway they went to their exact home and now we have 10000 stars in 13 real-world galaxies These pieces were inspired by what happens in the universe. While star dances are intricately and meticulously choreographed, the beautiful colors make fantastic feel from millions of lightyears away and they bring us peace sense of the dark and beauty of colors in space


Programmatically obtained and designed, generated using js and math.

- Infinite Possibilities

In fact, there are infinite possibilities for combination of colors and the way each star explores the galaxy.

- Reproducibility

Each CNFT holds the code that was used to generate the art piece. You can execute the code in your browser and get the same results.

- Pragmatically Generated

Every CNFT in the Gentophile collection was generated using P5js. P5 is a JavaScript library for creative coding, with a focus on making coding accessible and inclusive for artists, designers, educators, beginners, and anyone else! p5.js is free and open-source.

- Aesthetically pleasing

Isn't it???


Phase 1 - Genesis Drop October - 2021/2022

Gentophiles V1 (SOLD OUT) Digital Generative Art NFTs in 4k resolution All Gentophile V1 holders will be airdropped a free V2 Gentophile when released.


Phase 2 - Kinetic Art drop

Airdrop to genesis holders (DONE) Nov 2022 Digital Generative Kinetic Art NFTs in 4k resolution 10,000 pieces


Phase 3 - Merchandising

We will be introducing various merchandising initiatives using V1 and V2 NFTs. The first will be real life prints of V1 and V2 NFTs made available for public sale.